Through its programmes the Commission provides support across the whole health and disability sector to improve service safety and quality. 

Adverse Events

Reporting adverse events (often referred to as incidents) assists health services to manage the risks of clinical care.

Health Quality Evaluation

This programme establishes baseline measures and indicators which can be used to assess the quality of the health and disability system.

Improving Leadership & Capability

The improving leadership and capability programme puts quality and safety at the heart of New Zealand’s health and disability services.

Infection Prevention & Control

Healthcare associated infection is one of the most frequent adverse events in health care worldwide. Up to 10 percent of patients admitted to modern hospitals in the developed world acquire one or more infections.

Medication Safety

The Medication Safety Programme aims to greatly reduce the number of New Zealanders harmed each year by medication errors in our hospitals, general practices, aged care facilities and across the entire health and disability sector.

Patient Safety Week

Patient Safety Week is a commitment to consumers and patients that our health services strive to provide the best and safest care possible, every time.

Partners In Care

Partners in care involves actively engaging consumers in decision making about health and disability services at every level, including governance, planning and policy development.

Primary Care

The Commission is increasing its focus on primary care and community services, aged residential care and disability services. The Primary Care programme aims to increase quality improvement capability in these areas.

Reducing Harm From Falls

This programme aims to reduce the harm that people can suffer if they fall and hurt themselves - especially older people receiving care, whether in hospital, residential care, or in their own home.

Safe Surgery NZ

This programme aims to improve the quality and safety of health care services provided to patients undergoing surgery in hospital. It focuses on preventing adverse events which can harm patients.

Other Topics

The Commission has further programmes under development to improve the quality and safety of health and disability services.