Becoming an improvement advisor

  • Event start: 10 Aug 2015 9:00am
  • Event end: 25 Feb 2016 5:00pm
  • Location: Ko Awatea, Auckland

Ko Awatea has developed a nine-month action learning programme that is designed specifically for those individuals who know they have the aptitude for turning vision into action and are looking for an opportunity to take their improvement skills and knowledge to the next level.

What separates excellent organisations from the truly ordinary? What allows some organisations to rapidly change and transform, while others have trouble just maintaining the status quo?

The difference is individuals who have the knowledge, skills and tools to help transform processes, systems and organisations. These are the people who always get tapped on the shoulder to make things happen. They achieve results with their keen ability to facilitate groups of people through well-defined processes to solve problems. They enable teams to get outside of the box and utilise innovative tools that harness creativity and create solutions that make a significant difference. They are a leader’s best friend.

Workshop 1: 10–13 August 2015

Workshop 2: 16–19 November 2015

Workshop 3: 22–25 February 2016

Who should attend

Health care and other public sector professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge and enhance their effectiveness in transformational change. Participants may be in a formal improvement role, in line management or be a frontline professional who sees the opportunity to make improvement a core part of their role.

Learning outcomes

Participants will be equipped to:

  • bring about a successful outcome on a selected improvement project
  • acquire the skills needed to successfully perform the role of a change agent either in a formal improvement role or as part of another function
  • improve the success rate of improvement initiatives in their organisation by applying appropriate methodology and rigor.

Download the programme flyer or find out more on the Ko Awatea website.

Last updated 04/05/2015