Web-based learning packages for serious incident review and open disclosure

15 Jul 2013 | Adverse Events

The Commission has been working with the wider health and disability sector to develop two web-based learning packages to provide guidance for two key subjects:

  • serious incident review
  • open disclosure.

The packages are intended to provide an introduction to these subjects, and are aimed at staff who work for health and disability providers in the wider sector, rather than district health boards.

The Commission was assisted in producing these packages by staff from a number of areas, including primary care, disability services, aged residential care, hospices, and home and community services. Their assistance was much appreciated.

The programmes are hosted on the Ministry of Health’s Learn Online system, and can be accessed through the Learn Online website: http://learnonline.health.nz/.

Although they are based on health services in other countries, below are some other web-based learning packages and toolkits on the subjects of open disclosure and incident review that are currently available.

Department of Health, Victoria, Australia

Victorian Health Incident Management System: http://vhimsedu.health.vic.gov.au/welcome.php

Open disclosure e-learning package: http://vhimsedu.health.vic.gov.au/opendisclosure/welcome.php

New South Wales Health

Open disclosure: http://www0.health.nsw.gov.au/quality/opendisc/training.asp


Significant Event Audit: http://www.nrls.npsa.nhs.uk/resources/?EntryId45=61500

Root Cause Analysis toolkit: http://www.nrls.npsa.nhs.uk/resources/type/toolkits/?entryid45=59901&p=2

Last updated 17/07/2013