Programme delivers better hip/knee op recovery

13 Feb 2015

Press release from Hon Jonathan Coleman

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says patients recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery are spending less time in hospital as a result of a new national quality improvement programme.

Dr Coleman was today launching new Orthopaedic Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) patient education videos at Waitemata DHB Electives Surgical Centre.

“The national Orthopaedic ERAS programme is a patient centred approach designed to prepare patients for surgery,” says Dr Coleman.

“A key part of ERAS is involving patients in the preparation for surgery. If people know what to expect, they are better prepared, recover faster, have fewer complications, and can get out of hospital quicker.

“ERAS also makes better use of staff time, contributes to fewer cancelled operations, and increases the capacity for more operations to be done.

“Coordinated by the Ministry of Health, ERAS has involved orthopaedic teams from 18 DHBs. It is a good example of collaboration across DHBs.

“The Ministry of Health is looking at other specialties where ERAS can be applied. Efforts are also underway to increase primary care involvement.”

The number of patients receiving hip, knee and other elective surgery each year has increased from 118,000 in 2007/08 to 162,000 in 2013/14. The Government committed in Budget 2014 a further $110 million into elective surgery over four years to continue to meet increased demand.

The videos ‘Your Guide to Hip Replacement Surgery’ and ‘Your Guide to Knee Replacement Surgery’ can be found at

Last updated 13/02/2015