Hospital patients urged to take part in care survey

4 Mar 2015 | Health Quality & Safety Commission

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is encouraging people to join the growing number of patients helping district health boards (DHBs) assess the quality of care in public hospitals.

For the Commission’s third patient experience survey, 6000 people who were inpatients between 2–15 February have been asked to rate their care out of 10, based on communication, partnership, coordination of the care, and having their physical and emotional needs met.

They have also been asked a range of 20 more detailed questions, including ‘Were you involved as much as you wanted to be in decisions about your care and treatment?, ‘Overall, did you feel staff treated you with respect and dignity while you were in the hospital?’ and ‘Was your condition explained to you in a way that you could understand?’

Response rates have risen from 24 percent in the first survey last year to 27 percent in the second, the results of which were released in February.

Although Commission director of health quality evaluation Richard Hamblin says that rate is similar to surveys in other countries, the Commission is aiming for 40 percent, which Mr Hamblin describes as a very achievable target.

‘Already, with the two surveys published, we have been able to provide DHBs with valuable insights into the care they are providing.

‘I urge anyone invited to fill in the survey to do so. It’s easy, doesn’t take long, and you remain anonymous unless you choose to supply contact details.

‘You can reply online or post your response. However you do it, your feedback on your stay in hospital will let DHBs know what they’re doing right and where improvements are needed.’

Participants have until Tuesday 17 March to return the survey.

Last updated 04/03/2015