Changes to the HIIRC website and microsites

15 Jun 2015

The Ministry of Health has advised the Health Improvement and Innovation Resource Centre (HIIRC) website will be archived from 1 July 2015. This means the current site content – which includes a quality improvement section – will still be available, but the site will no longer be updated.

Many registered users of HIIRC sites also receive a fortnightly HIIRC Digest via email. The Digest will continue to be distributed after 1 July, with expanded content. It will still link to the latest information on health innovation and improvements both locally and internationally, however the links will go directly to the content in question, not via the HIIRC website.

HIIRC also has a number of affiliated sites and these will either become private sites with a requirement for users to register, or be archived.

Reasons for the changes

During the last year the Ministry of Health has been reviewing the full range of HIIRC operations against new social media innovations and other file sharing platforms available to professional groups. It says it is apparent that, while HIIRC provides useful static information, it is more limited in terms of its ability to link groups of people and to allow them to communicate.

Website statistics also show that the vast majority of visits to the HIIRC website are driven by people following links from the HIIRC Digest, rather than through browsing or directly accessing the site.

For these reasons, and with the growing trend of people opting to receive information proactively through RSS feeds, electronic newsletters, Twitter and the like, the Ministry has decided to convert all public facing HIIRC microsites to private login-only sites from 1 July 2015. This will allow health professionals to securely access these sites and to communicate securely. From this date, any changes to the content on the sites will be moderated and maintained by their existing site owners. Two of the current sites – Primary Mental Health and Oral Health Forum – will join the HIIRC site in being archived. The Weight Management site will continue to have content added during the next year.

The Ministry is encouraging people to visit and register for the HIIRC affiliated sites in their areas of interest from 1 July. The HIIRC Digest will continue to be accessible from all HIIRC affiliated sites including the main site, and it will continue to be sent out as usual.

Summary of changes

Site Changes from 1 July 2015

Will be archived. Existing content will still be publicly available, but the site will not be updated. Visitors will be referred to relevant sections of the Ministry of Health’s website for information, eg, Primary Care, Elective Services, Tobacco Control, Immunisation etc.

Note that a registration-only microsite will be set up for emergency department clinicians.

Primary Mental Health

Oral Health Forum

Will be archived and existing content available only to registered users. After 1 July, visitors will be asked to re-register for the sites if they wish to have access. A note on the site will direct visitors to the Primary Mental Health/Oral Health section of the Ministry of Health’s website for further information.
Weight Management Will continue to operate and be updated until 30 June 2016, available to registered users. Visitors will need to re-register from 1 July, but sign-in access for those who have posted material in the past and/or who receive email updates from the site will be carried over.
  • Canterbury Breastfeeding Network
  • Child and Youth Clinical Networks
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology NZ
  • Co-design in Healthcare
  • New Zealand Cardiac Network
  • New Zealand Dementia Cooperative
  • New Zealand Palliative Care Research Repository
  • Ophthalmic Nurses of NZ
  • Public Health
  • The Child and Youth Health Compass 
From 1 July 2015 will require visitors to log in to access – ie, will become private sites. Sites will remain active and will be maintained by their existing site owners.



Last updated 23/06/2015