Commission meets Dr Jack Wennberg, developer of the Dartmouth Atlas

18 Feb 2011 | Health Quality & Safety Commission

The Health Quality & Safety Commission Board was privileged to meet with Dr Jack Wennberg recently. Dr Wennberg was in New Zealand to present at the Health Informatics seminar Enabling sector-wide transformation – assembling the building blocks 2 and to meet with senior clinical representatives and policy makers.

Dr Wennberg is the world’s pioneer and leading researcher of unwarranted variation in the healthcare industry. His research into the geographic variation in US healthcare has transformed how people view the development of the healthcare workforce, and distribution and use of healthcare services. He has led the development of the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care, which is probably the most influential innovation in US healthcare policy for a generation.

Pictured from left: Dr David Galler, Dr Jack Wennberg, Dr Peter Foley, Dr Peter Jansen, Dr Janice Wilson, Mr Geraint Martin, Prof Alan Merry, Ms Anthea Penny. Absent is Ms Shelley Frost.

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