Health Quality & Safety Commission e-update, Issue 51 online now

6 Jul 2016

The latest issue of the Health Quality & Safety Commission's e-update for the period of 13 June–3 July 2016 is now available online.

In this issue:

  • As the campaign closes, we remain 'open'
  • Orders for patient safety week resources open
  • Whakakotahi  primary care quality improvement challenge
  • PMMRC report finds drop in maternal deaths and stillbirths
  • Co-design programme evaluation and case studies
  • Support for setting up a health consumer council
  • Sponsorship for consumers to attend integrated care congress
  • Data shows size of difference in health care treatment by ethnicity, socioeconomic status
  • Bowel cancer focus of latest Atlas domain
  • How good is our health system? Health quality and safety indicators updated
  • Quality and safety marker data published for JanuaryMarch 2016
  • Experience-based co-design programme focused on surgical site infection
  • Frontline ownership having a positive impact on hand hygiene compliance
  • IPC quality improvement training underway
  • Improvement Matters  Issue 3, June 2016
  • SSI national orthopaedic report released (OctoberDecember 2015)
  • Feedback welcomed on draft alteplase/tenectaplase alert
  • Updated oxygen section on the national medication chart
  • Safe use of opioids national collaborative ends  opioid safety work to continue
  • Surgical teamwork and communication intervention roll-out
  • Deteriorating patient emerging themes and evidence summary  final reports available.


Read issue 51 of the Commission e-update.

Last updated 08/07/2016