Pressure injury prevention and management

10 Jul 2017 | Pressure Injury Prevention

In consultation with the sector and with endorsement from the Commission and the Ministry of Health, the Accident Compensation Corporation has published the Guiding Principles For Pressure Injury Prevention And Management In New Zealand.

The guiding principles document was created by an expert reference panel representing organisations across the New Zealand health care sector, including; the Ministry of Health, the Health Quality & Safety Commission, the New Zealand Wound Care Society and ACC. This panel drew on evidence-based international guidelines and New Zealand reports on pressure injury prevention and management. It will be reviewed in three years’ time to ensure it remains up to date.

This document is part of a wider piece of work on preventing pressure injuries, which includes the work the Commission is doing to develop a national approach to measure and report pressure injuries (click here for more information) as well as raising public and health practitioners’ awareness of pressure injury prevention and management.

Last updated 10/07/2017