Forum day a first combined meeting for all mortality review committees

6 Dec 2017 | Health Quality & Safety Commission

MRC forum day 2017

This week, all mortality review committees and the Māori caucus gathered at an open forum in Auckland.

The combined meeting was a first for all five committees; the Family Violence Death Review Committee, Perioperative Mortality Review Committee, Child & Youth Mortality Review Committee, Perinatal & Maternal Mortality Review Committee, and the Suicide Mortality Review Committee. The Commission board was represented by Professor Alan Merry and Shelley Frost, and the day was facilitated by Helen Emmerson.

Presentations were given by Dr Nigel Millar, Professor Denise Wilson, Witi Ashby and Dr Nick Baker, discussing leadership, implications of work and impactful reporting.

Small group workshops focused on the agreed improvement opportunities, including:

  • report/recommendations, style and size
  • relationships, across government and sectors
  • working across the committee
  • inequities
  • other topics from the day.

It was a great day to reflect, share achievements, collaborate and set intentions for the future.

Last updated 16/03/2018