National patient safety campaign update: 16 April 2013

16 Apr 2013

The national campaign, which was announced in September 2012 at the APAC conference, will be launched on 17 May 2013 in Auckland. It will be a joint national and Northern Region launch, in conjunction with First, Do No Harm.

The campaign will focus on harm reduction in the following four areas – falls, healthcare associated infections, medication and surgery – with falls being the first area of focus. The national campaign will align and work with existing regional patient safety campaign initiatives.

Regional approach

In December 2012, district health board (DHB) chief executives were asked to identify clinical leads, quality improvement champions and key regional contacts for the national campaign. The Commission continues to work with the nominated contacts in these regions.

Regional contacts for the campaign are:

Northern: Karen O'Keeffe and Jacqueline Ryan, First, Do No Harm
Central: Julie Patterson, Chief Executive, Whanganui DHB
Midlands: Jan Adams, COO, Waikato DHB
Southern: Dr Richard Johnson, CMO, South Canterbury DHB


It is now only five weeks to the launch of the national campaign, on 17 May. The national launch will take place in Auckland, in conjunction with the Northern Region launch. Other regions are being encouraged to also undertake regional launches. Prevention of falls/reduction of harm from falls will be the first topic area of focus, and falls messages will be part of the launch.

A number of campaign-branded resources are being developed and will be distributed to DHBs and other organisations well before launch day.

Resources will include:

  • a media and promotions pack that can be used by DHBs/regions to promote the campaign. This will include template media releases and factsheets about the campaign focus areas
  • suggested regional launch programme
  • downloadable campaign logo, including a screensaver
  • banners and campaign signage
  • resources such as badges, posters and flyers.

Falls-specific resources that will be available to support regional launches will include:

  • a DVD introducing the campaign
  • DVDs on falls, focusing on different care settings
  • factsheets on key facts and the impact of falls in care settings, and on the case for investment in fall prevention/harm reduction
  • information resource for patients
  • PowerPoint presentations.


National campaign branding has been confirmed, and has a focus on transparency and being open to sharing ideas, change and improvement.

Programme of falls initiatives

Prevention of falls/reduction of harm from falls is the first topic of focus for the campaign, and a programme of falls initiatives and events has been developed and will be rolled out during the first six months of the campaign.

The Commission would like to thank members of its Falls Expert Advisory Group (EAG) for their ongoing input into programme development and the falls component of the campaign. Represented on the Falls EAG are consumers, and representatives from ACC, the Ministry of Health, DHBs, aged residential care and home health care providers, along with falls researchers.

Each month will have a particular focus and suite of activities, as set out below.

May: Launch, awareness raising
June: Reducing harm from falls in hospital settings, with a focus on falls risk assessment and care planning
July: Reducing harm from falls in hospital settings, with a focus on safe environments
August: Preventing falls in aged residential care settings
September: Preventing falls in the community/at home
October: Consolidation and wrap up

Working with consumers

Consumers will be involved and feature across the national campaign. They are part of regional steering groups to help provide direction for the campaign.

For more information about the role of consumers in the national campaign, please contact Chris Walsh (04 901 6048) at the Commission.

Campaign Advisory Group

The Campaign Advisory Group is now well established and provides valuable support and independent expert advice to the Commission’s Campaign Project Team, based on group members’ experience of working in the sector and/or experience of health sector campaigns. The group met for the fifth time on 26 March 2013.

More information

We are now counting down to the launch of the national campaign in May. Watch out for the next national campaign update later in April.

Further information about the national campaign, including previous updates, can be found on the Commission’s website: Click here if you would like to subscribe to national campaign updates and other news.

Last updated 16/04/2013