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Since July 2016, the advance care planning (ACP) programme has been coordinated by the Health Quality & Safety Commission.

ACP chatThe Commission’s work plan for 2018–19 has been developed with DHBs and others, and includes implementation support, promotion, monitoring and evaluation and resource development.

Download the five-year strategy for advance care planning below.

Growth of advance care planning in New Zealand

The National ACP Cooperative was formed in 2010 to lead the development of a consistent approach to advance care planning in New Zealand at a time when most clinicians were not even aware of it.

Sixty clinicians from across New Zealand met in Auckland in June 2010 and agreed to:

  • work together to overcome the taboo around talking about death and dying
  • address the barrier that clinicians were feeling ill-equipped to have these conversations
  • create resources and develop tools
  • understand and/or create an evidence base for advance care planning.

The National ACP Cooperative created this vision: ‘All people in New Zealand will have access to comprehensive, structured and effective advance care planning’.

Great progress has been made in the seven years between the formation of the ACP Cooperative and agreement to the first National ACP Strategy 2018–22 (see below).

Advance care planning is:

  • stonesRedLeafbeing picked up by consumers, clinicians and health managers across the country
  • being implemented in all 20 DHBs and
  • an action in the New Zealand Health Strategy 2016.

Since early 2010, the programme has seen more than 1,600 health professionals trained to have ‘conversations that count’ with consumers about the benefits of creating their own advance care plan.

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Last updated 16/11/2018