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Structure of the guide
Navigating the guide

Structure of the guide

We have structured the guide around the three stages of ‘implementation maturity’ organisations may be at (foundation, progressing, embedding) in activities and processes associated with each of the four quadrants that make up the ‘deployment model’ (engagement, education, system infrastructure and continuous quality improvement).ACP how to FPE overview 4

The guide includes links to downloadable and printable examples of different approaches to ACP implementation taken by DHBs. They follow a set format:

  • Why/rational
  • By who
  • Value added
  • Risks/challenges they encountered along the way
  • The steps they took
  • Impact/outcomes
  • Future opportunities.


Navigating the guide

We have organised the guide content so you can ‘mix and match’ examples to suit the implementation stage you are at in the quadrants and the decisions you wish to make. Most of you will be at different stages within and between the various quadrants. For example, you may be at foundation stage in system infrastructure, but at progressing stage with engagement and education.

We recommend you start with the implementation process overview, regardless of which stage you are at. This gives you an introduction to each implementation stage and the four deployment quadrants, and measures of success in each.

We recommend you then explore each of the foundation, progressing  and embedding pages. Each page includes examples of actions that you can take in relation to different parts of the sector, according to each of the four quadrants. There are also links to relevant downloadable resources.

Each resource describes an activity undertaken by a DHB.



The Commission acknowledges and thanks Health Canada for permitting us to adapt the deployment model in its Implementation Guide to Advance Care Planning in Canada: A Case Study of Two Health Authorities for New Zealand.

The New Zealand guide is the ongoing result of a collaborative effort by many individuals from DHBs and other organisations implementing ACP across New Zealand. We would like to acknowledge their contribution of time, experience and expertise.


Last updated 02/08/2018