Commission to continue with Advance Care Planning programme

7 Nov 2017 | ACP information for clinicians

The Health Quality & Safety Commission will continue to coordinate the Advance Care Planning programme until the end of 2019, in partnership with 18 DHBs.

Since beginning in 2010, the programme has seen more than 1,600 health professionals trained to have ‘conversations that count’ with consumers about the benefits of creating their own advance care plan.

The Commission’s work plan for 2018–19 will be developed with DHBs and others, and will include implementation support, promotion, monitoring and evaluation and resource development.

An advance care plan allows consumers to record:

  • what’s important to them
  • who they want involved in decisions about their treatment and care
  • how much treatment they want and when they want it to stop
  • where they would like to be cared for.


Last updated 05/02/2021