Serious Illness Conversation Guide national trainers – seeking experienced clinical communication train-the-trainers

2 May 2018 | Advance Care Planning

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is seeking health professionals with experience in training and mentoring colleagues to deliver advanced communication skills training.

Through the national advance care planning and clinical communication programme, the Commission is supporting district health boards to increase the clinical communication capability of their staff by developing and delivering clinical communication training.

The first component of this training is the Serious Illness Conversation Guide (SICG) train-the-trainer training, developed by US non-profit organisation Ariadne Labs, working with Atul Gwande. The guide was developed in response to health care professionals being ill-equipped to have conversations with people about what they want when their lives may be limited. The training is aimed at non-palliative care health care professionals in the acute care setting. More information about SICG can be found at

Ariadne Labs will be training a small group of national train-the-trainers from 14 to 20 November 2018. The first two and half days of training will be in Wellington and the last two in Christchurch.

Below is the role description for national SICG train-the-trainer. If you have the required experience and are interested in this opportunity please contact Leigh Manson at or on 021 928 581 before 31 May 2018.

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Last updated 02/05/2018