Patient story: Mum was a glowing light

14 Aug 2018 | Advance Care Planning

Sue Limmer experienced mental illness for more than 10 years. Her illness took a serious toll on her family, including her father and daughter Annalee, who were her main sources of support. 

When Sue’s health deteriorated, Annalee was genuinely relieved to hear her mum had captured her wishes for her end-of-life care in an advance care plan.

‘It clearly set out what she wanted in her final days and weeks. Everything in this advance care plan was her voice, giving our family instruction about what she wanted,’ says Annalee.

‘Without this, we wouldn’t have had the knowledge of what to do for her.’

Annalee says her family were incredibly thankful for the advance care plan.

Watch Annalee’s story on Vimeo:

Last updated 15/08/2018