Commission to host Serious Illness Conversation Guide training

29 Jan 2019 | Advance Care Planning

  • When you have difficult conversations with patients, do you sometimes wonder how to start?
  • Are you confident you are discussing patients’ prognosis in a way that allows them to really understand what you are telling them?
  • Do you understand their fears and worries, and what is important to them?

In association with the Choosing Wisely Forum, the Health Quality & Safety Commission is offering three-hour Serious Illness Conversation Guide training on Thursday 9 May (the afternoon before the forum). The training helps clinicians feel more confident to have quality conversations with seriously ill people.

Where: Health Quality & Safety Commission, Level 9, 17–21 Whitmore Street, Wellington
When: Thursday 9 May 2019, 2.30–5.30pm
Cost: $215

For more information and to register, visit the Serious Illness Conversation Guide event page on our website. 

About the Serious Illness Conversation Guide

The Serious Illness Conversation Guide was developed by American non-profit organisation Ariadne Labs with Atul Gawande, following the publication of his book Being Mortal.

The guide is a set of structured questions drawn from best practices in basic palliative care which serves as a framework for clinicians to explore topics that are crucial to gaining a full understanding about what is most important to patients.

It covers:

  • patient’s understanding of their illness
  • their preferences for information
  • sharing a prognosis
  • in light of the prognosis, exploring their personal goals, their fears and worries, the abilities they find most important to their daily life and tradeoffs they are willing to make for the possibility of more time
  • discussing a plan and agreeing a way forward.

The three-hour SICG training workshop will:

  • describe the evidence-based benefits of serious illness conversations for patients and families
  • describe the clinician’s role in improving serious illness conversations
  • list the components of the Serious Illness Conversation Guide
  • allow you to practice using the Serious Illness Conversation Guide.

Last updated 30/01/2019