acp logo colorAdvance care planning tools and information

There are a number of tools and information to help you think about, talk about and plan for your or a loved one's future care.

Kia kōrero | Let’s talk advance care planning campaign posters 

Copies of the Kia kōrero | Let's talk advance care planning posters can be ordered online, free of charge. Please remember to include a physical address with your order.

A4 guide/plan or the DL brochure

Copies of the A4 advance care plan and guide can be ordered online, free of charge. Please remember to include a physical address with your order.

ACP plan print 2

My advance care plan & guide

A template to help you write down what’s most important to you.

ACP formonly

My advance care plan (no guide; PDF form only)

This can be completed electronically or printed and filled out by hand. If you fill this out electronically, please save it to your computer/device first. Then you can save it as you go and share it via email with others.

Important: Do not complete the electronic form online in your web browser, it won't allow you to save your completed plan and you will lose your information – always save the form to your computer/device first.

ACP brochure

Advance care planning brochure

A brochure to help you understand more about advance care planning.

Image of the ACP regional contacts map

Regional ACP contacts and processes map

This map shows the contacts for advance care planning in each region, as well as the process for storing your plan when it is complete.

 ACP maori

He Waka Kakarauri

A model for engaging Māori in advance care planning (on Northland DHB’s website).

 korea poster

A set of advance care planning documents in Korean:

  • Making the most of your final years
    인생의 마지막 시기를 위한 사전계획
  • ACP Preparing for End of Life
    삶의 마지막을 위한 준비
  • ACP Guide (inc Plan)
    사전 계획 안내서
  • ACP Plan
    아름다운 생의 마감을 위한 사전계획
  • ACP Poster
    사전계획 포스터
Image of the Chinese language ACP brochure

Brochure and videos: Making an advance care plan – information for you and your family in Chinese and English

These resources include a brochure and videos, with information for you and your family about making an advance care plan. The brochure is available in Chinese and English.


Thinking about advance care planning

A template to help you think about the issues.


Talking about advance care planning

A template to help you plan who to talk to about your preferences.

Useful New Zealand websites

Department of Internal Affairs: Te Hokinga ā Wairua – end-of-life service
A website to help guide people facing the loss of a loved one. Developed with the help of specialists such as the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand, giving information about people's options and requirements in the first days, weeks and months following a death. It also allows people to record their preferences ahead of time to make it easier on those they will leave behind. 

Ministry of Health
ACP guide for New Zealand health care professionals.

Advance care planning for intellectually disabled people
Resources are available to support advance care planning for people with intellectual disabilities, through the Donald Beasley Institute.

Super Seniors
This website contains information on why you might want an Enduring Power of Attorney.

Age Concern
Good resources around Enduring Powers of Attorney.

Hospice NZ
Hospice NZ exists to lead the hospice movement to ensure every New Zealander has access to quality palliative care.

Health Navigator
Lots of relevant health content for New Zealanders.

Useful international websites

Advance care planning is being advocated for in many countries across the world. Please remember that the legal frameworks and organisational policies of many of these countries differs from New Zealand. We have included some links below to some of these sites.

Speak Up (Canada)

Conversation Project (United States of America)

Dying Matters (United Kingdom)

Advance care planning programme in Australia

Last updated 26/06/2020