Shared goals of care form for aged residential care

23 Apr 2020 | talkingCOVID

In response to requests from the aged residential care sector, we have developed a shared goals of care form. It builds on the hospital shared goals of care work and the Frailty care guides | Ngā aratohu maimoa hauwarea.

This form is available for all aged residential care facilities wanting to use it. It should be used with the shared goals of care factsheets for nurses and allied health workers and clinicians responsible for decision-making.

This form can be completed electronically or printed and filled out by hand. If you fill this out electronically, please save it to your computer/device first. Then you can save it as you go.

Important: Do not complete the electronic form online in your web browser, it won't allow you to save your completed plan and you will lose your information – always save the form to your computer/device first.

Please let us know if your facility uses this form by emailing us at

If you have any questions about how to use this form in your facility, please email us.

We recommend you use this form in the context of the other information and resources in the talkingCOVID section of this website.

Last updated 03/08/2021