Wider reporting of adverse health events welcomed

21 Nov 2013 | Adverse Events

Press release from Hon Jo Goodhew

Associate Minister of Health Jo Goodhew today welcomed the broadening of reporting of serious adverse events (SAEs) to include some private providers and other non-DHB organisations.

“It is encouraging to see non-DHB providers contributing data for the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s 2012–13 report,” says Mrs Goodhew.

“This is the first time the report has included incidents that have taken place outside DHB hospitals.

“The non-DHB providers include some private surgical hospitals, rest homes, hospices, disability services, ambulance services, primary health organisations, the national screening unit, and primary care providers.

“I congratulate these organisations for being open to learning from errors – they are showing leadership in their sphere of the health sector.

“It is only by reporting and reviewing events that we can find out what went wrong, and change processes,” says Mrs Goodhew.

A total of 489 SAEs were reported in 2012–13 by DHBs (437 events) and other health providers (52 events).

DHBs have reported 77 more SAEs when compared to the previous report. This is believed to be the result of more accurate reporting.

“Falls continue to account for around half of all SAEs. In recognition of this, ‘reducing harm from falls’ was the first issue highlighted by the Commission’s Open for better care campaign from May to October 2013,” says Mrs Goodhew.

“The campaign promoted use of evidence-based interventions to prevent falls, and shared examples of initiatives around the country.

“For example Waitemata DHB is having success with a range of initiatives including issuing non-slip socks and coloured wristbands to identify patients at risk of falling, as well as using lower beds for some patients.

“It is encouraging to see SAE reporting is being embraced and I look forward to an increase in the number of providers reporting events next year,” Mrs Goodhew.

SAE results for individual DHBs are posted on DHB websites. For more information about SAEs and the report released today, visit www.hqsc.govt.nz.

Last updated 21/11/2013