Director of Mental Health to report mental health and addiction services adverse events

3 Sep 2014 | Adverse Events

In September 2013, the Health Quality & Safety Commission released a report covering serious adverse events affecting consumers of mental health and addictions services (MH&AS) from 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013.

While the Commission will continue to be responsible for collecting MH&AS serious adverse events from district health boards (DHBs), the Commission will not be releasing a separate report for 2013–14 period.

To provide better context to reporting in this complex area, the Commission and the Ministry of Health’s Director of Mental Health Services have agreed to work together on public reporting of MH&AS serious adverse events. The 2013 annual report released by the Office of the Director of Mental Health will include a section which summarises the events reported by DHBs during that year.

Any queries about the reporting of serious adverse events can be directed to Senior Advisor Matthew Pitt at the Commission (

Last updated 03/09/2014