New 'no blame' incident regime for hospital

28 Aug 2011 | Adverse Events

The Greymouth Evening Star reports that a new 'no blame' incident system has been rolled out at Grey Base Hospital, with 55 events already officially recorded.

The system went live last month, and the incidents include a patient death, six medication errors and an assault on a staff member by a patient.

A report to a West Coast District Health Board hospital sub-committee meeting said the old incidents system needed to change.

"Nobody goes to work to mess up, but incidents will occur and affect patients, staff or property," incident review group co-ordinators Vicki Piner and Rachelle Hunt said.

Staff set about creating a better system, more like the one already used in mental health. There, a culture change had been created, where staff more readily reported incidents. Communication was better, the environment safer and the outcome for patients improved.

The emphasis was on bringing about changes, rather than questioning clinical decisions or finding blame.

Source: Greymouth Evening Star

Last updated 06/01/2012