Third national trigger tool workshop a success

27 Mar 2015 | Adverse Events

The third national trigger tool workshop was held on 9 March 2015 at Ko Awatea in Auckland, and was sponsored by the Health Quality & Safety Commission and First, Do No Harm. The workshop was attended by approximately 60 people, including teams from 12 district health boards (DHBs) and private provider Southern Cross Hospitals.

The theme for the workshop ‘Getting a handle on patient harm – how do you know your systems are safe?’ reflects the journey the Commission’s trigger tool programme has taken over the past three years, from implementing trigger tools, to using data for improvement, and now using trigger tools in the broader context of patient safety.

In New Zealand, trigger tools are used by a number of hospitals, and a primary care trigger tool has recently been trialled by a number of primary care practices in the Auckland region.

Keynote speaker Dr Beven Telfer's presentation covered how trigger tools are used in primary care as a reflective process. Dr Telfer, clinical lead for the Auckland region primary care safety in practice collaborative talked about trigger tools creating a focus on patient safety, and how they generate valuable staff discussion about ways to improve system safety and reliability.

These ideas have the potential to broaden the way trigger tools are used in hospital settings, and the Commission has developed a framework to facilitate this process, which was trialled at the workshop.

Trigger tools are a way of identifying and documenting patient harm using a systematic record review process, so that steps can be taken to minimise the risk of harm and improve patient experience of care.

More information about the workshop is available on our trigger tool webpage.

Last updated 30/03/2015