Referrals and monitoring at MidCentral DHB

11 Jan 2011 | Adverse Events

Elective Services Manager Robyn Shaw says medical secretaries copy referrals from MidCentral to the DHB’s Elective Services Department for entry into the external referrals database.

The Elective Services Administrator faxes the referral to the central referral office of the appropriate DHB, along with a fax cover sheet requesting acknowledgement of the receipt of the referral.

‘If the DHB receiving the referral does not acknowledge its receipt within five days, the system provides us with an alert,’ explains Robyn Shaw.

‘When an alert is received, we follow up with the DHB in question until they acknowledge receipt of the referral. Each call made to the DHB to ascertain the confirmation of receipt is tracked in the database.

'Referral acknowledgements are entered into the database. This can either be manually typed in or if electronic acknowledgement is received this can be scanned into the database. This captures both the date of receipt of referral and who acknowledged it, enabling the process to be tracked if necessary. The relevant documentation is then filed with the patent’s records.’

Robyn Shaw says the new system has streamlined the referrals process and greatly reduced the likelihood of delaying or mislaying referrals between DHBs.

‘Assessment and treatment are being provided in a timely way, and patients and their families are able to be informed of details about the referral progress and status, if required.’

Last updated 19/01/2012