David Sage

Clinical Lead for Reportable Events programme appointed

5 Oct 2012 | Adverse Events

Dr David Sage has been appointed Clinical Lead for the national reportable events programme. This includes the national reportable events policy, and reporting of serious and sentinel events by district health boards (DHBs).

Dr Sage is an experienced clinician with a long standing interest in health system performance. He spent nine years as the Chief Medical Officer at Auckland District Health Board.

From clinical work and participation in health systems management in New Zealand and health systems study overseas, David has acquired a very broad perspective of health policy and performance in various contexts.

He has played a central role in New Zealand’s first attempt at national evaluation and introduction of new medical technologies, and has experience of resource prioritisation at district and national levels.

David says some of the toughest times in his career have been dealing with patient harm as a result of an unexpected but potentially preventable adverse event.

“The challenge we face with serious and sentinel events is how to take the lessons learnt from each event and apply preventive measures in future, across the whole health sector.

“The national reporting system is still relatively new and there is much work to be done in getting the entire health sector familiar and comfortable with the study of serious and sentinel events. I am looking forward to working closely with the Commission to deliver on our ethical duty to the New Zealand public to demonstrate learning from errors and omissions in healthcare.

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