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Trigger tool learning case template

7 Sep 2015, Adverse Events

This learning case template aims to alert the health care team to findings from a medical record review using the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Trigger Tool.

Open Book: CVC removal (July 2015)

12 Aug 2015, Adverse Events

This Open Book report alerts providers to key findings of a recent review into central venous catheters (CVCs) for hospitalised patients.

Open Book: Lessons learnt from reviewing patient falls (April 2015)

20 Apr 2015, Adverse Events

This edition of Open Book was written in collaboration with the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s Reducing Harm from Falls programme, and sets out a series of practice changes made by providers to prevent patients from being harmed by falling.

Revised Global Trigger Tool Implementation Guide 2014

12 Nov 2014, Adverse Events

The Global Trigger Tool Guide and appendices provide useful information about using the GTT, including managing data, standard operating procedures, reporting, triggers, performance indicators, and identifying opportunities for improvement.