Review of the National Reportable Events Policy 2012: Discussion document

10 Nov 2016 | Adverse Events

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is carrying out a review of the National Reportable Events Policy 2012 (the policy). This discussion document:

  • proposes potential changes to the policy, based on the findings of our literature review and stakeholder discussions
  • seeks your views on the proposed changes.

This document is aimed at all health and disability organisations – including primary care, aged residential care, disability support services and secondary care.

After stakeholder engagement on this discussion document, we will release a new policy in early 2017.

Please note, this document goes into detail on all aspects of the existing policy. Providing feedback will take time but is important for three reasons: firstly, this is your opportunity to influence the direction of the policy; secondly, we will not be circulating the revised policy for consultation; and thirdly, we will not review the policy again for at least three years.

The timeframe for feedback runs from 10 November 2016 to 1 February 2017.

Last updated 29/10/2021