Around 33,000 New Zealanders access aged residential care (ARC) services each year, including dementia and psychogeriatric care. Those entering ARC are also doing so at an older age, and with increasing levels of dependency and complex health needs.

With this in mind, the Commission is increasing its focus on ARC by developing a quality improvement programme in partnership with ARC sector stakeholders and aged care facilities.

Commencing in July 2018, the aim of the programme is to support the sector to build a culture of continuous learning and development, and ultimately to improve the residents’ experience of care.

We will engage with sector stakeholders, aged care facilities, staff and consumers, build strong partnerships and support quality improvement activity and capability building that can be sustained in the future.
Through initial consultation, the Commission has identified six broad themes which will form the basis of the programme and will involve a range of activities, projects, resources and tools.

  • Improve the quality and safety culture.
  • Promote person and family/whānau centred care.
  • Increase the quality improvement capability of the workforce.
  • Share learning and best practice.
  • Support clinical leadership.
  • Use data to measure quality improvement and identify areas of focus.

Last updated 12/07/2019