Dr Michal Boyd, nurse practitioner and senior lecturer at the Department of Geriatric Medicine, University of Auckland is the programme’s clinical lead. She leads a sector leadership group that is guiding the scoping and establishment of the programme. 

Terms of reference

These will be made available as soon as they have been endorsed by the leadership group.


Dr Michal Boyd National clinical lead
Brigette Meehan InterRAI
Jon Shapleski Programme director, health of older people, Central TAS
Kathy Glasgow Office of the chief nurse, Ministry of Health
Jessica Buddendijk Chief executive officer, Care Association of New Zealand
Rhonda Sherriff Clinical advisor, New Zealand Aged Care Association
Emma Prestige HealthCERT
Dr Bev Nicolls GP, Nelson Marlborough DHB
Dr Maree Todd Geriatrician, Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine
Richard Scrace Nursing director, older people, Canterbury DHB
TBA Māori health
Jill Stansfield Consumer representative
TBA Consumer representative
Andi Shirtcliffe Chief advisor, pharmacy, Ministry of Health
Dr Michal BoydDr Michal Boyd, RN, NP, ND, FCNA(NZ), FAANP

Dr Michal Boyd is clinical lead for the Health Quality & Safety Commission's aged residential care programme. She is a Gerontology Nurse Practitioner and Associate Professor with the School of Nursing and the Freemasons’ Department of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Auckland. She also practices in a residential aged care facilities. She has been a provider, leader and researcher of health care innovations for older people since the early 1990s. Dr Boyd developed the 'Residential Aged Care Integration Programme' at Waitemata District Health Board (DHB). She was co-investigator of the Aged Residential Care Healthcare Utilisation study and is currently involved in researching primary health care for people with dementia and palliative care in residential aged care facilities.

Michal says 'Aged residential care is key component in the health care continuum in our rapidly ageing population. Those of us working in aged residential care are constantly exploring innovative ways to support older people with advanced frailty by promoting their resilience in the last months or years of their life.'

Brigette Meehan

Brigette is manager, interRAI national services at TAS. In this role she leads a national team of educators and support staff to deliver an end-to-end interRAI education and support service.  She is an interRAI Fellow, a member of the interRAI instrument and systems development committee (ISD) and co-chairs the interRAI international training committee. Brigette has a PhD in speech pathology (Queensland) and a Master of Education (Canterbury) and has worked across the health and education sectors in clinical and management roles. She is an adjunct associate professor at Massey University and honorary lecturer at Auckland University. Prior to TAS her most recent role was working for the Ministry of Health.  

Jon Shapleski

Jon has worked in the health sector for more than 20 years in senior management positions. He has a strong commercial background from his 15 years with Mobil Oil and an excellent knowledge of contracts. His specialty interest is in matters related to improving the health of older people. He has a strong belief that patients should be at the centre of care planning and service delivery.

Kathy Glasgow

Kathy joined the Office of the Chief Nursing Officer as Senior Advisor, Nursing in August 2015. Kathy’s key portfolios include health of older people, registered nurses, migrant nurses and graduate nurse employment. She has a Master of Arts (Applied) in Social Science Research and a PhD in Social Policy. In her doctoral thesis she explored the values, expectations and attitudes to ageing in the baby boomer cohort. Kathy’s background in nursing includes critical care, oncology, occupational health, graduate nurse education and primary care. She has worked with a variety of health organisations as a policy advisor and health promoter, and was a research fellow with the New Zealand Institute for Research on Ageing at Victoria University.

Jessica Buddendijk

Jessica Buddendijk is the owner/operator of a quality advisory service with over 30 years’ experience in aged care, seven years’ experience as lead auditor and over 40 years’ experience in the health sector. Jessica is representing the Care Association of New Zealand on the leadership group.

Rhonda Sherriff

Rhonda is a registered nurse and co-owner of Chatswood Rest Home and Retirement Village in Canterbury. Rhonda has worked in the sector for over 25 years, in quality coordination, management and operational management roles. She is also Clinical Adviser for the New Zealand Aged Care Association. Rhonda has a strong interest in aged care and the welfare of both residents and staff. She has been involved at local levels on committees endeavouring to improve the industry's profile and looking at unique ways of improving the base workforce.

Emma Prestige

Emma has worked at the Ministry of Health for nearly six years, starting as a senior advisor in HealthCERT. She is a registered nurse with a passion for achieving optimal outcomes for all users of health services and believes this goal can be effectively supported through a regulatory framework. 

Dr Bev Nicolls

Bev is a GP in Stoke, Nelson and works at a medical centre with a higher than average number of older people. The medical centre also predominantly looks after consumers at six residential care facilities. Bev is also clinical director in information technology (IT) for the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board.

Bev is interested in making the way we use medication safer; this combination of roles has given him a chance to make patient care as a whole safer by being sure that the best information is available wherever people need medical care, initially within the Nelson Marlborough region, across South Island, and then across New Zealand. Key to this is Bev’s involvement with the Commission and through his IT role. 

He is also interested in how we can offer medical care differently for patients including using patient portals and technology, to avoid making unnecessary visits to the general practitioner.

Dr Maree Todd

After graduating in medicine and surgery in 1982, Maree undertook a further two years' training in geriatric medicine in the UK and has a special interest in medical ethics, elder abuse, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and falls. Since 2009 she has led a quality improvement programme for people living with dementia in care homes  by reducing the incidence of treatment with antipsychotic drugs. Maree currently works at Auckland City Hospital as a geriatrician and Bupa one day a week.

Richard Scrace

Richard is currently seconded to the role of Nursing Director Older People, Population Health with the Canterbury DHB until February 2019. His permanent role is a Gerontology Nurse Specialist at Canterbury DHB, supporting aged residential care facilities. In addition, Richard has been involved with a number of research projects utilising New Zealand interRAI data and he has also had extensive experience across various nursing roles in older person’s health.

Jill Stansfield

Jill is a consumer representative on the leadership group. Her working life has centred around teaching at all levels from new entrants to Year 12 and adults at night classes. When Kāpiti Coast District Council inaugurated the Older Persons Council (OPC), Jill was elected as its first chair.

Jill currently holds the following positions in the Kāpiti community: deputy chair of the Older Persons Council, member of the Age Concern Kāpiti executive, member of the Kāpiti health advocacy group, member of the Kāpiti health coalition working on a petition to parliament, representative of the OPC on the home and community support services stakeholder reference group (Access Homecare Support), community representative on the Kāpiti grants allocation committee for Creative Communities NZ and leader of the WHO 'Age friendly communities' project in Kāpiti.

She also writes a monthly column for the Kāpiti News and is involved in recording broadcasts for Access Radio with an occasional brief interview with Beach FM – all with an 'age friendly' theme.

Andi Shirtcliffe

Andi Shirtcliffe is a director of Integrated Pharmacy Care Ltd, a company which provides clinical advisory pharmacist services. She trained in Otago (both under and post graduate) and has a particular interest in polypharmacy, medicines management, care of the elderly and dementia care. Her background is in community pharmacy and providing medicine review and clinical advisory pharmacist services in both aged residential care and the community. Her current clinical work is in psycho-geriatrics. Andi is actively involved in intern pharmacist assessment with the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand. She is an associate editor of the New Zealand National Formulary, is an honorary lecturer at the University of Auckland’s School of Pharmacy and is a Director on Pharmac’s seminar series.

Working groups

To support the aged residential care leadership group, we will convene smaller working groups as required. They will focus on specific quality improvement projects, identified as the programme develops. For example, this could be on ways to improve medicines management, falls prevention, identifying resident health deterioration, and developing evidence-based tools and resources.

The working groups will consist of a range of people with skills that together provide a strong clinical perspective, and bring a strong person / family / whānau voice to each project.

The work may focus on local, regional and/or national initiatives.

Last updated 23/05/2018