Going Dutch: what the Netherlands health care study group learned

6 Jun 2018 | Aged Residential Care

A small group of New Zealand health professionals recently participated in a study tour to the Netherlands, hosted by CareMetric principal Jan Weststrate. The group visited hospitals, health care agencies (regulatory and quality improvement), aged care facilities and community nursing organisations. In attendance was Sandy Blake, clinical lead for the Health Quality & Safety Commission's reducing harm from falls programme.

Following their visit, an article was published in INsite magazine about the group's reflections and highlights from the tour. Ms Blake says there is much New Zealand could learn from the way the Dutch integrated their care systems.

'We talk about integrated care but we struggle sometimes to know how that can practically work,' she says.

'I’m looking at my district nursing team and thinking their workload is getting heavier and heavier but what we don’t do as well as we could do is connect with other providers who provide care to that person or that family, like home care providers.'

In the Netherlands, a big part of a specialist nurse’s job is to build capability in others, says Blake. The Dutch model is to place the patient in the centre, then around them are the informal carers, who are paid. The nurse’s role is to guide and coach those families to be more self-managing.

It is a thought-provoking read as New Zealand takes a close look at its existing health services and potential remodelling/funding, with a key priority on how we better meet the needs of our ageing population.

Read the full article 'Going Dutch: what the Netherlands health care study group learned' on the INsite magazine website.


Last updated 06/06/2018