Over the last few months, the Health Quality & Safety Commission has been seeking feedback about the Frailty Care Guides, a series of guides that aim to enhance care planning and form the basis of future quality improvement initiatives in aged residential care.

The topics included in the guides are:

Acute deterioration
Advance treatment planning
Capacity assessment
Congestive heart failure
Constipation and gastro-intestinal
Defining and recognising frailty
Dementia and behaviours that challenge
Deprescribing and polypharmacy
Enduring power of attorney
Falls prevention
Fractures and contractures
Gradual deterioration
Last days of life
Nutrition and hydration
Pain management
Respiratory care guide
Sexuality and intimacy
Skin wounds
Stepwise management of stable COPD
Syncope and collapse
Urinary incontinence
Urinary tract infection

The guides have now been reviewed by aged residential care providers and other relevant stakeholders across New Zealand, and the window for providing feedback has closed. Thank you to everyone who reviewed the guides and provided feedback.

We are now revising the guides, taking on board all the feedback we received.

The final versions of the guides will be completed later this year. We will let stakeholders know when they are available via our e-digest. If you do not receive the e-digest already, you can subscribe here.

Last updated 11/04/2019