Quality improvement toolkit using falls prevention as a topic of interest

29 Apr 2019 | Aged Residential Care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission developed a quality improvement toolkit in 2016 as part of its focus on reducing harm from falls. The aim was to provide a resource that could be used in aged residential care to help facility teams build their skills to undertake quality improvement work. The toolkit provides a foundation-level introductory guide to key aspects of quality improvement science.

The toolkit starts with a broad overview of quality improvement and how it is applied in New Zealand. It then continues through the ‘Model for Improvement’, a roadmap for a common and consistent approach to improving the quality of care. There is also a fictitious residential care facility ‘improvement story’, which shows how the tools included in the appendices can be used.

The full toolkit is available here. The tool templates are also available as separate editable MS Word documents on that same web page. They can be tailored for local use by facilities. The tool templates include:

  • Tool A: Team roles
  • Tool B: Meeting agenda/minutes template
  • Tool C: Project plan/charter template
  • Tool D: Falls rate calculation example
  • Tool E: Check-sheet
  • Tool F: Run charts
  • Tool G: Cause and effect (fishbone) diagram
  • Tool H: Pareto chart
  • Tool I: Process mapping
  • Tool J: Using the 5 Whys
  • Tool K: PDSA cycle checklist

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Last updated 16/10/2021