Infographic about people living in aged residential care (interRAI 2018/19)

20 Feb 2020 | Aged Residential Care

This infographic presents information from the interRAI 2018/19 annual report. It shows that most people in aged residential care facilities have strong, supportive relationships with their family and find meaning in their daily life, despite many having clinically complex health conditions.

It covers a wide range of areas important to older people, such as memory, mood and behaviour, wellbeing, physical abilities, and conditions like pain or incontinence. Last year 72,000 assessments were completed. Key findings included:

  • most (92 percent) people in residential care have strong supportive relationships with their family
  • most (76 percent) find meaning in their daily life
  • most (71 percent) have a consistent positive outlook
  • most (71 percent) spend some or most of their time involved in activities.

The interRAI annual report 2018/19 is available here.

More information about the Commission’s aged residential care programme is available here.

Last updated 22/10/2021