The Commission will partner with aged residential care providers to develop a quality improvement network. The purpose of the network is to help strengthen existing quality improvement capability and support the sharing of information, expertise and good practice.

For example, a range of networks may develop and include registered nurses, health care assistants, facility managers, clinicians involved with the health of older people, planning and funding representatives, quality and risk managers, needs assessment and service coordination services, primary care and community pharmacy. We refer to developing ‘communities of interest’. This is an important part of ensuring that work undertaken is sustainable in the long term.

We will work closely with the health of older people networks across all district health boards.

Improved alignment

We are making connections with existing quality improvement work both within the Commission and externally, such as identifying resident health deterioration, medicines management, infections, falls and fractures, pressure injury prevention and management networks. Transitions of care is a topic that has featured strongly as we have engaged across the sector, so the ability to look at how technology and improved processes can assist with smooth transitions of care for residents will be a feature.

Last updated 17/05/2018