Open forum: international speaker series – A one day workshop with Dr Helen Bevan

  • Event start: 25 Sep 2017 9:30am
  • Event end: 25 Sep 2017 4:00pm
  • Location: Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington

‘The power of one, the power of many: applying social movement thinking to healthcare improvement’

Dr Martin Luther King talked about 'the fierce urgency of now', the need to mobilise many people to take action immediately. There has never been a time of greater need for forward momentum and energy in our healthcare improvement efforts. In this highly interactive workshop, we will learn from the leaders of the great social movements who have been able to mobilise thousands of people around a common cause and ignite change at scale. We will pull out the principles of this form of leadership of change and consider the practical implications for our current healthcare improvement efforts.

The morning will take the form of a learning workshop to introduce and explore the basic concepts of social movement thinking for healthcare improvement. The afternoon session will be an “unconference” where the people taking part will self-create the agenda. It will allow the time and space for everyone to engage deeply and creatively around the topics and issues that are most relevant and interesting to them.

Whether you are leading improvement on a small or large scale or at a stage of planning some improvements you would like to make, you will gain energy, inspiration, new connections and a toolkit of practical change tactics from this session.

Aims of the workshop

As a result of this workshop you will be able to:

  1. Apply five success factors from social movements to your healthcare improvement efforts
  2. Utilise social movement principles to unleash the creativity and energy of service users, patients, families, communities and people who work in the health and care system
  3. Build strategies for improvement on a platform of commitment as well as compliance
  4. Experience “unconferencing” as a powerful group process that inspires creative solutions, improves communication and enhances collaboration.
  5. Combine systematic improvement methodologies with strategies to activate motivation for change thereby enhancing the potential for achieving your aims


$195 + GST per person. 

About Dr Helen Bevan

Helen BevanDr Helen Bevan is recognised globally for her expertise and energy for large scale change in health and care. During her 25 years as a change leader in the English National Health Service, Helen has been at the forefront of many very large scale initiatives for improvement, from emergency care to support for people living with dementia to the transformation of community services.

Helen is currently the Chief Transformation Officer of NHS Horizons, a team that seeks to be a source of ideas, knowledge and support for the spread of improvements at scale. The team combines and uses a variety of different tools and approaches including social movement thinking, community organising, improvement science, accelerated design methods and digital/social connectivity. It champions the role of emerging leaders, students and trainees at the forefront of radical change.  Currently, the team is seeing promising early impact in its use of virtual learning communities to enhance and accelerate spread of change from Improvement Collaboratives.  


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