Open Forum with Helen Bevan, NHS Horizons

  • Event start: 18 Nov 2019 9:00am
  • Event end: 18 Nov 2019 4:30pm
  • Location: The Rydges, Wellington

This interactive Open Forum led by Helen Bevan will leave participants with a toolkit of practical change tactics. Whether you are leading improvement on a small or large scale, you'll gain energy, inspiration and new connections alongside tools to plan improvements. 

Session one: How virtual collaboration can ignite improvement

Virtual collaboration is a key way we can achieve large scale improvements in the future. It enables us to involve many more people in our improvement efforts, engage patients and families in ways that are less daunting and intimidating, involve clinical colleagues without taking them away from their jobs, increase diversity, make better quality decisions and get better, quicker outcomes.

Participants will:

  • build familiarity with the core principles of virtual collaboration and understand how it can be combined with other approaches for faster, better outcomes
  • identify how diverse groups in the virtual space can take ownership for generating ideas, solve problems, agree direction and plan actions
  • develop a sense of how virtual collaboration methods can be applied in their own settings.
Session two: Scaling down AND scaling up

This session will follow an advanced improvement methodology which is being tested in multiple countries. It aims to achieve the combined goals of improving care or activating health for a large population of people (scaling up) in a way that feels highly personalised for each person (scaling down).

Participants will:

  • add methods to their improvement toolkit for working at the smallest scale (improvements for individual patients) and the largest scale (a whole population of patients) at the same time
  • set aims for improvement based on both scaling up and scaling down
  • take account of both perspectives right from the start of an improvement project
  • explore systems to put in place to meet the different needs of different patient groups.

Download Helen's presentation, 'Scaling down AND scaling up'.

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest in quality improvement in health care should attend this forum.


Download the final programme here.

About Helen Bevan

Helen Bevan Aug 2019Helen Bevan is a leader of change within the NHS. She has led and facilitated many nationwide initiatives to improve care. Helen has demonstrated a constancy of purpose and resilience to stay within the system over decades that is rare in internal change agents. Her focus has shifted from managing big programmes of change to approaches that mobilise and build energy and commitment to change on a large scale. Helen has an ability to connect directly with thousands of frontline staff and patient leaders. She is one of the top social influencers in health care globally.

Cost to attend

The cost to attend is $195+GST per person.


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