Leadership award recognises Canterbury nurse’s community focus

7 Apr 2017 | Building Leadership & Capability

A commitment to sharing knowledge and building relationships has seen a Canterbury nurse become the latest recipient of the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s Open for leadership award.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne presented the award to Aranui Community Trust nurse Hannah Laughton this morning.

The Open for leadership awards are coordinated by the Health Quality & Safety Commission. They recognise and celebrate health professionals who demonstrate excellent practice, quality improvement and leadership skills. They are part of the Commission’s work to build capability and leadership in the health sector.

Mr Dunne says Ms Laughton’s her exemplary leadership in her role with the trust, which sees her working on her own in the community, make her a deserving recipient.

‘Hannah works directly within the community, in a role where she is often on her own. The support and guidance she gives them, not just in providing their health care but also in improving their health literacy, is invaluable.’

As well as her regular work, Ms Laughton is chair of the Aranui Health Networking Forum. The forum brings together those who work with consumers in Aranui; she says the information-sharing and relationship building has been invaluable.

‘It was about us all coming together and sharing the services we have and pooling together those resources instead of all working in isolation.’

She says there is a real emphasis on collaboration. ‘It allows us all to get together and discuss themes of the community – is it that people aren’t engaging, or is it a particular ethnicity, and what can we do to help that?’

Mr Dunne says Hannah’s work is in line with the Government’s strong focus on supporting and enabling safe patient care, and saving lives.

‘Recent nationwide successes include a reduction in falls resulting in broken hips, a reduction in CLAB – a blood stream infection, and a reduction in some surgical site infections. All these successes owe a lot to the work of our current and emerging leaders.’

Ms Laughton was given a trophy by Mr Dunne and will be sponsored to attend a Commission event.

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Last updated 22/05/2017