Improving Together is a national learning programme that focuses on quality improvement for people delivering education, social services and health services. You can find out how improvement methodologies accelerate learning and innovation, and how it can be applied to improve the quality of social service delivery in New Zealand.

Improving Together helps you to find solutions to the work problems you face every day by improving the way you work. This often involves making small changes to the way you do things. Improving Together shows you how to make the changes you need and measure the results to bring about the outcome you want.

We all want to work in the best workplace possible. Improving Together helps us to achieve this.

The Improving Together programme includes:

  • four e-learning modules to provide you with an online introduction to quality improvement. These tools are free and are based on simple processes and techniques that you can learn to improve the levels of service and care that people receive, while reducing workplace stress
  • video case studies from across the New Zealand public sector to illustrate how using the Model for Improvement has made real and significant difference to the people we work with
  • links to international case studies so you can read about similar improvement work done in other parts of the world
  • links to other improvement methodologies.

You can do the Improving Together e-learning modules from the comfort of your home, or at your desk. Start right now! Visit LearnOnline to find out more about enrolling.

Last updated 14/03/2019