The Health Quality & Safety Commission has developed a framework for building quality and safety capability in the New Zealand health system. Our vision is that all people working in health care will have foundation-level knowledge of quality improvement and patient safety.

From knowledge to action: A framework for building quality and safety capability in the New Zealand health system is a high-level framework to guide the development of quality and safety capability across all levels in the health and disability sector, including consumers/patients.

The framework recognises that most health care is delivered within the context of teams and within services. Quality and safety leadership and capability, within and between multidisciplinary teams and networks, is required for the seamless and safe care of consumers/patients, as part of the systems of care within an organisation.

Organisations express leadership and capability not only through their systems and structures, but more importantly through their culture, values and behaviours. Exemplary organisations are those where quality and safety practices and values are embedded as part of routine practice, resulting in measurable improvements in the consumer/patient experience of care and in consumer/patient outcomes.

Embedding quality and safety within all roles will result in organisations demonstrating a more mature quality and safety culture, and having in place the requisite systems and structures to encourage the delivery of better consumer/patient outcomes. Making explicit the expected knowledge, skills and behaviours required across broad roles within health care will enhance system capability.

Last updated 07/12/2018