Armstrong Institute publications

20 Dec 2016 | Building Leadership & Capability

This annotated bibliography of selected publications from the Armstrong Institute includes:

  • Creating a fractal-based quality management infrastructure, Journal of Health Organization and Management 2014
  • An academic institute for patient safety and quality improvement, research, training, and practice. Academic Medicine 2015
  • Establishing an Ambulatory Medicine Quality and Safety Oversight Structure: Leveraging the Fractal Model. Academic Medicine 2016
  • Management's Discussion and Analysis: A tool for advancing quality and safety. Healthcare 2016
  • Re-examining high reliability: actively organising for safety. BMJ Quality and Safety 2016
  • Improving health care value through clinical community and supply chain collaboration. Healthcare 2016
  • The Next Wave of Hospital Innovation to Make Patients Safer. Harvard Business Review 2016
  • A Model for the Departmental Quality Management Infrastructure Within an Academic Health System. Academic Medicine 2016
  • Mathews SC, Demski R, Pronovost PJ. Redefining Accountability in Quality and Safety at Academic Medical Centers. Quality Management in Health Care 2016

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