Mr Mitchell compliments hospital team

12 Oct 2017 | Building Leadership & Capability

A patient story from Mr Mitchell, complimenting Open for leadership award winner Gemma Watts and her team at Ward 15 for their care.

I have over the last two years spent a lot of time in hospital, undergoing many operations on my left leg.

After another eight days in ward 15, I was discharged to my residence. During those eight days I also had three nights at home to ascertain the obstacles in my home for a wheelchair. As I was medically fine and keen to get back to my family/business, I was discharged.

The reason for this letter is to let you know that I am incredibly impressed with all the staff in ward 15. You have by way of luck or good management an impressive team, with some of the best attitudes I have ever struck.

I have never believed anybody chooses nursing as their career to make money, in fact given some of the hours required, it is very clear to me that nurses have chosen that career because they have a desire to help people both get better and rehabilitate.

The staff’s attitude is brilliant and they were both caring and interested in every way.

After my short stay I could name all of them and their service was really exceptional and you just know they are there for the right reasons.

They all seemed very knowledgeable and nothing was too much trouble. From the doctors, nurses, pharmacist, to the lady that makes coffee and the friendly guy that brings meals, they were really welcoming and seemed to genuinely care about everyone in their care.

The people helping with my future like Hayley and Holly were very good to me and I felt ready when I left. Holly has since called to check on my needs and while I am ok, I appreciate the follow up. Speaking of follow up, I left my phone charger in the ward and instead of a phone call as a reminder, it arrived in the mail a couple of days later at my home. Service beyond the call I call that.

It is also important to note that my wife obviously came to visit me and was treated with great respect and friendship by all the staff and all of her questions were answered in a friendly and professional manner.

Just reading back through this, I hope you don’t think I am going over the top with my praise, but I can assure you my whole experience with your staff was absolutely brilliant and please pass on my thanks to Lisa (who works too many hours) and Gayle. They should be very proud of themselves and their staff.

For the record, I haven’t ever felt strongly enough about good service to write to any company or board before, so this is a first.

I hope it will be treated as the huge compliment/comment that it is.

Mr G Mitchell

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