Patient experience indicators update: 25 October 2013

25 Oct 2013 | Health Quality Intelligence

Patient survey questions

The Commission now holds the licence for the use of Picker’s inpatient survey questions. Across all the various question sets this gives us a total library of 250 questions. We have identified about 40 of these which have a close relationship with the four “domains” of patient experience (communication, partnership, co-ordination and physical and emotional support) outlined in the earlier study from KPMG available here.

We are now cognitively testing this survey at Counties Manukau, Bay of Plenty and South Canterbury DHBs and will have a revised and shortened version (we are aiming for no more than 20 questions) produced by mid-November. A copy of the initial survey for testing has been circulated to DHBs and is available here.

20 DHB participation in cognitive testing

The Commission has contracted Point Research Limited to run the cognitive testing work stream which involves four phases of work:

Phase 1 – run focus groups of people of similar ages and ethnic backgrounds in each testing DHB to complete and discuss the patient survey.

Phase 2 – amend the patient survey and discuss the revised version with participants who found the original survey unclear.

Phase 3 – online testing of the finalised survey with patients from all 20 DHBs.

Phase 4 – pretest the finalised questions in Counties Manukau DHB’s live system.

Phase 3 involves all DHBs having the opportunity to submit details of a sample group of patients that can be emailed to participate in testing the proposed final survey. Point Research Limited will contact DHBs directly re what is involved in participating and the timing.

Proof of concept

This work stream involves testing the finalised patient survey questions within a pre-existing, efficient, high-value add system. Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Canterbury and South Canterbury DHBs are participating in this. The outputs are proof that the tool will work inside such a system and defined criteria for what an “approved provider” will need to supply to DHBs. A workshop is being held 1 November with the participating DHBs and vendor.

Last updated 06/11/2013