Atlas of Healthcare Variation steering group

9 Dec 2013 | Health Quality Intelligence

The Health Quality & Safety Commission produces the Atlas of Healthcare Variation to help public and private providers of health and disability services improve the safety and quality of their services.

The Atlas aims to prompt discussion and debate within the health and disability sector about unwarranted variation in the provision of health services, and to stimulate change that leads to improvement. Seven domains have been published, including cardiovascular disease, maternity, gout, surgery and trauma. 

The Atlas steering group, made up of leaders in health care, drives this work. It oversees the Atlas work programme and recommends ways to maximise the influence and uptake of the Atlas in New Zealand and improve outcomes for users of health services.

Over the next three years, the steering group will focus on:

  • selecting and prioritising future domains
  • providing ongoing advice on how the Atlas is presented and communicates
  • advising on how to develop a quality improvement methodology to facilitate action
  • reviewing each domain prior to publication.

More information:

Current Atlas steering group membership:

  • Dr Janice Wilson – chair (chief executive, Health Quality & Safety Commission)
  • Dr Nigel Millar – clinical lead (chief medical officer, Canterbury DHB)
  • Penny Andrew (clinical lead quality, Waitemata DHB)
  • Deborah Dalliessi (consumer representative)
  • Prof Tony Dowell (professor of primary care, Wellington School of Medicine, University of Otago)
  • Sunita Goyal (pharmaceutical advisor, ACC)
  • Dr Bryn Jones (chief advisor, Ministry of Health)
  • Angela Litterick-Biggs (consumer representative)
  • Dr Don Mackie (chief medical officer, Ministry of Health)
  • Dr Kevin Morris (medical adviser, Medical Council of New Zealand)
  • Malcolm Pollock (director, National Institute of Health Innovation, University of Auckland)

Last updated 09/12/2013