Health quality and safety indicators update – June 2014

25 Jun 2014 | Health Quality Intelligence

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has recently updated the health quality & safety indicators (HQSI) information on its website. Some of the indicators have been updated and new data provided where these are available.

The Prezi, which presents the indicators in an easy-to-view format, has been adjusted to reflect the changes. The Prezi is available here.

Some notes when viewing the updated HQSI information:

  • Where a title is given in green both the ‘lead’ indicator and other measures are available together with commentary. Where the title is in orange, the lead indicator is either not yet available or defined, but some data are made available.
  • Where a measure has been updated, and was available at the last update of the presentation, an ‘updated’ flag is shown in the measure box.
  • ‘New data’ refers to new measures not available at the last update.
  • ‘Contextual data’ is where new information relevant to the topic is made available, but where there is as yet no lead measure.
  • The availability of international comparisons is shown by the use of a ‘globe’ icon in the measure box.

International data has been included wherever possible. These are from sources such as the OECD, the recent Commonwealth Fund comparison of 11 international health systems (, and the international global burden of disease study (

For more information about the indicators visit the health quality and safety indicators page.




Last updated 26/06/2014