Surveys show patients’ confidence and trust in public hospital health staff

30 Apr 2015 | Health Quality Intelligence

Public hospital patients have consistently high levels of confidence and trust in the doctors, nurses and other health staff treating them, according to quarterly surveys by the Health Quality & Safety Commission.

Hospitals continue to score more than eight out of 10 in the third Commission survey of patients’ experience, released today.

The survey asked more than 6000 people who were public hospital inpatients between 2–15 February to rate their experience of communication, partnership, coordination of their care, and having their physical and emotional needs met.

As in the first two surveys, released in November 2014 and February 2015, the average national rating for each of the four areas was more than eight, with little variation between individual district health boards.

Patients were also asked 20 more detailed questions.

Nationally, the highest scoring question is again ‘Overall, did you feel staff treated you with respect and dignity while you were in the hospital?’ with 87 percent of patients answering ‘Yes, always’.

Other high-scoring questions included:

  • Overall, did you feel staff treated you with kindness and understanding while you were in the hospital? (85 percent ‘Yes, always’)
  • Before the operation did staff explain the risks and benefits in a way you could understand? (86 percent ‘Yes, completely’)
  • Did you have confidence and trust in the doctors treating you? (86 percent ‘Yes, always’)
  • Did you have confidence and trust in the nurses treating you? (85 percent ‘Yes, always’)
  • Did you have confidence and trust in the other members of the team treating you? (83 percent ‘Yes, always’).

The lowest-scoring question is again ‘Did a member of staff tell you about medication side effects to watch for when you went home?’ (48 percent ‘Yes, completely’).

Other lower-scoring questions included:

  • Did the hospital staff include your family/whānau or someone close to you in discussions about your care? (55 percent ‘Yes, always’)
  • Do you feel you received enough information from the hospital on how to manage your condition after your discharge? (59 percent ‘Yes, definitely’).

The national response rate for the survey is again 27 percent. Forty percent is the eventual target.

Last updated 30/04/2015