Feedback sought on draft primary care patient experience survey [closed]

17 Jun 2015 | Health Quality Intelligence

Feedback on the draft survey is now closed.

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is developing a primary care patient experience survey, to find out what patients’ experience in primary care is like and how their overall care is managed between their general practice, diagnostic services, specialists and/or hospital staff.

The Commission invites patients and interested health professionals to give feedback on the draft survey by 24 June 2015. All feedback is anonymous.

Click here (or copy and paste the link into your browser): to review the draft survey and complete the feedback questions. (If your organisation’s internet protocols prevent you seeing the webpage you will need to contact your helpdesk.)

We recommend making notes as you go through the survey – you’ll be able to write these into the survey at the end where there are also a few questions about the length, clarity and relevance of the survey. Your feedback will be used to inform the final phase of cognitive testing.

The survey is modular so patients are only asked questions relevant to their experiences. For example, questions on medication and chronic conditions will only be presented to patients who say they are taking medication or have a chronic condition. To get a better indication of the survey’s length it’s a good idea to look at the survey with a patient experience in mind. You can go through several times trying different response options if you would like, to but please answer the final feedback questions only once.


The Commission is partnering with the Australian National Health Performance Authority to develop the survey. The Australian project has had a technical advisory group made up of survey experts and users which have considered the value or otherwise of potential questions. The Commission was represented on this group and contributed to the refinement of a draft survey made available in March 2015.

Six primary health care organisations (PHOs) agreed to work with the Commission to test the draft survey. The survey received from Australia went through an initial feedback process with these PHOs, the Ministry of Health, and the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and has been revised to reflect the New Zealand health care environment.

Following the approach used in the hospital survey, the primary care survey has now been tested with 15 patient focus groups across the six PHOs in April and May. The focus groups deliberately over-sample Māori, Pacific, Asian, people with disabilities and older people.

The survey changed significantly as a result of this process and is now ready for cognitive testing online. Both patients and interested health professionals are being invited to comment on this latest draft of the survey. 

Further information is available on the Commission’s website:

For further information contact Richard Hamblin, Director of Health Quality Evaluation at the Commission.

Last updated 25/09/2015