New portal for quality and safety marker data

22 Jan 2019 | Health Quality Intelligence

The Commission has developed a new online portal to make it easier for district health boards (DHBs) to submit data for its quality and safety markers (QSMs).

The QSMs are sets of related indicators concentrating on specific areas of harm. The Commission uses QSMs to measure the success of its quality improvement programmes.

The areas covered include falls, health care associated infections, safe surgery, medication safety, safe use of opioids, pressure injuries and patient deterioration.

DHBs collect data on the QSM measures and submit this to the Commission every quarter. The data is then used to develop a quarterly national report for quality improvement.

The Commission’s new data submission portal makes it easier for DHBs to find information about the QSMs and to upload data. The benefits include:

  • a single place to upload data
  • a single place for all QSM tools and resources
  • visual graphs of what has been submitted and what is outstanding.

Access the portal (login required).

Last updated 25/01/2019