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19 Jun 2012 | Health Quality Intelligence

One of the Commission’s key roles is to publish information about the quality of health care in New Zealand. We know that measuring the right things well and publicising the results stimulates improvement in quality.  However, statistics can sometimes be open to misinterpretation.  So it’s important to be clear about what why we have chosen certain measures, and why we’re publishing them.  It may be to allow clinicians, patients and the public to make judgements about the quality of care, or it may be to stimulate debate and raise questions.

The Commission is currently working on:

Health Quality and Safety Indicators

These are a set of high-level measures which are designed to provide the public and the health and disability sector with a clear picture of the quality and safety of health services in New Zealand.  A first set of proposed indicators, including data where available, will be released for consultation in July 2012.

The Atlas of Healthcare Variation

The Atlas shows variation between the health care received by people in different geographical regions. The purpose of the Atlas is to stimulate questions and debate about why there is variation. The debate may then lead to improvements in our health care services. The first Atlas domains will be available on the website at the end of June.

Quality and Safety Markers

In May 2012 Associate Health Minister, Hon Jo Goodhew, wrote to all District Health Boards about Quality and Safety Markers, which are designed to track and incentivise progress in four critical areas of safety and quality. These are reducing harm from:

  • falls
  • hospital-acquired infections
  • surgery
  • medication.

We have sought feedback on proposed measures and are currently working through responses received.

Quality Accounts

Quality Accounts require health care providers to give an account for the quality of their services in a similar way to financial accounts that show how an organisation used its money.  Quality Accounts are being adopted in New Zealand, and while responsibility for their delivery sits with health care providers, the Commission supporting this through the provision of guidance about their content and style.

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Last updated 19/06/2012