Most recent survey results are available for November 2019.  The patient experience survey programme was refreshed in 2019/2020, including both the hospital inpatient and the primary care surveys.  Results from the surveys will be published on a new reporting dashboard in late 2021 or early 2022.

The report on the survey refresh can be found here

Hospital patient experience survey summaries are published nationally by the Commission, and locally by DHBs.

The current release is the 22nd survey covering patients in hospital between 4 November and 17 November 2019. It was undertaken in November 2019 and provided summary scores out of 10 for the four key domains of patient experience as set out below.

Domain  NZ weighted average (/10) Range
Communication 8.3 (8.4) 7.9–9.1 (7.7–9.0)
Partnership  8.4 (8.6) 8.0–9.2 (7.8–9.2)
Coordination  8.3 (8.4)

7.5–9.2 (7.7–8.9)

Physical and emotional needs 8.6 (8.6) 8.0–9.1 (7.8–9.1)

(August 2019 scores and ranges in parenthesis)

Link: National patient experience survey: Results for patients treated in November 2019

Link: Previous national patient experience survey results

Last updated 27/10/2021