What is the COVID-19 patient experience survey?

The COVID-19 patient experience survey is an online survey of New Zealanders, designed to understand experiences of health care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The survey is part of the New Zealand patient experience survey programme, conducted by the Health Quality & Safety Commission with support from the Ministry of Health.

Why is the survey needed?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way health care in New Zealand was delivered. The survey explores patient experience and access to health care during this time. The goal is to give health services a better understanding of what worked well and for whom it worked (and didn’t).

Who is carrying out the survey?

The Commission has contracted Ipsos New Zealand, an independent research company, to carry out the survey.

Who will be surveyed?

A selection of patients enrolled with and who had a consultation with their general practice during the survey sample period (27 April–10 May 2020) may be invited to participate. A selection of patients who did not have a consultation with their general practice during this time will also be invited for comparison.

Children under 15 years will not be surveyed.

Can I still share my experience if I haven’t been invited to participate?

If you weren’t invited to participate, your feedback is still valuable. If you have anything to share about your experience of care from your general practice during COVID-19, please send these directly to your general practice or primary health organisation, or email myNZhealthexperience@ipsos.com.

What are the benefits of participating?

The survey enables you to have a voice and the health teams that care for you can hear it in a direct and timely way.

What is the information used for?

The survey will help general practices understand how well new consultation methods are meeting patient needs and how they can be improved.

The survey will provide the Commission and the Ministry of Health with data to inform the improvement of health services.

How do I take part?

If you are invited to participate, you will receive instructions to log into the survey by email or text message that includes a link and login code or case ID.

  1. Locate your login code or case ID:
    • In the email, it will be at the bottom beside the contact phone number.
    • In an SMS message, it will be at the end of the provided URL, for example: www.myexperience.health.nz/Survey?CaseID=123456.
  1. Visit the survey site: https://myexperience.health.nz/survey.
  2. Enter your login code/case ID to access the survey.
How long is the survey open for?

The survey will be open from 22 June–12 July 2020.

The survey has closed, how can I give feedback?

Survey responses will not be accepted after 13 July 2020. This is to allow time to report the results. If you have feedback to pass on to your practice or primary health organisation, we recommend sharing it directly with them. Alternatively, you can email your feedback to myNZhealthexperience@ipsos.com to be collated nationally.

What if I am having trouble accessing the survey?

Please email Ipsos at NZPatientExperienceSurveys@ipsos.com or phone 0800 121 650.

Where did you get my contact details?

Contact information was provided by the Ministry of Health for the purpose of this survey only.

How is my information being protected?

All information is stored on an encrypted New Zealand server and protocols are in place to maintain a high standard of security throughout the survey.

All personally identifiable contact information will be permanently deleted from the system at the close of the survey.

The Commission has strict requirements in place for Ipsos and its partners to adhere to when handling contact details and survey responses. See the Ipsos website for more information on the privacy policy: https://www.ipsos.com/en-nz/privacy-data-protection.

Will my answers be confidential?

The survey does not record your name, date of birth or any other personal information that may identify you. Answers to the survey questions will not be used to identify participants.

How do I opt-out of the survey?

Patients can opt-out of the survey by:

  1. calling 0800 121 650
  2. visiting www.myexperience.health.nz/unsubscribe
  3. emailing myNZhealthexperience@ipsos.com and requesting to be removed.

If calling or emailing, please indicate whether you want to unsubscribe from the full NZ patient experience survey programme or the COVID-19 survey only.

Where can I get more information?

Please email Ipsos at NZPatientExperienceSurveys@ipsos.com or phone 0800 121 650.

Last updated 06/08/2020